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You spend a lot of time, energy and money to take care of your physical health but when was the last time you checked your financial health? 


At Fiscal Fitness, money matters and know-how is not just for the wealthy — it is for everyone. And everyone deserves personalized, focused guidance.


I will help you examine your finances, dispel your doubts and create personalized investments 100% made for you.  


YOU are at the center of my attention, not the financial products that I recommend. By working with Fiscal Fitness, you can plan and save for almost anything. This can include saving money to buy a home or a car, fund your children's education or even just retiring comfortably.


I can help you achieve these goals by identifying, buying and holding the right investments.

Business Consultation



Products relevant for your financial goals

My focus is on helping you buy the right financial products and holding them. I do not  believe in buying the hottest ideas or following fixed formula driven portfolios. Each investment you hold is based on fundamental research and 100% relevance to you.

Simple jargon free communication

Confucius said "Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated". 

My goal is to ensure that your financial investment strategies are simple, easy to implement & track, and most importantly, help you achieve your life goals.

Demystify your investments

I focus on improving your financial literacy. I help you de-clutter your investments and focus on what you really need to achieve your goals in a dynamic world. 

My core tenet is that I will not sell you “products” but ensure that your investments serve your needs and goals.

Avoid surprises and stay the course

I believe in investments that allow your wealth to compound over time and strongly work on not reacting to every market swing. 

I help you focus on multiplying your wealth and achieve your goals, not get pulled into beating “benchmarks” and what others are doing.

Relax and leave the fine print to us

You and your family deserve a healthy and fulfilling life, achieving your dreams and aspirations.  

With me by your side, you focus on the big decisions of life and let me focus on the finer details and paperwork, all the while keeping you and your family financially healthy and growing.

A strong investment outcome is based on having strong technical processes in place along with the right behaviours

Technical Guidance

My goal is to ensure that you understand the nuances of investing in a dynamic, fast-paced market where swings and distractions are plenty.

​​I aim to empower you to navigate the technical aspects of investing such as asset allocation, diversification, risk management in a thorough and comprehensive manner.

Behavioral Change

20+ years of investing, reiterates my belief that managing human emotions such fear, greed, guilt, anxiety are more important than technical skills. 

​By applying my experience to your needs, I will guide you on the habits you need to inculcate, both big and small, to keep your emotions under control, all with your personal goals and ambitions in mind.

Mountainous Landscape


I have 20+ years of financial sector expertise with an MBA in Finance from Manchester Business School. I've worked across roles and geographies within finance functions so I have a profound understanding of how investing and personal finance works. 

I've been investing since 1999 and have successfully navigated multiple boom and bust cycles of the economy to become financially independent at 40. Reach out to know more about the returns I have generated over the last 20 years.

I'm based in Mumbai and consulting with clients globally.




A comprehensive review of your financial health and how you can achieve your life goals. We will discuss in details your savings, investments, insurances and how they can help achieve your dreams and aspirations.


If you would like to make your employees and colleagues wealthy without waiting for annual increments. Workshops that help demystify finance and allow them to focus 100% on their work and not be stressed by money matters.


Get financially fitter using a proper system. Learn the key topics related to managing your personal finance across savings, investments, insurance, taxes etc.

Coaching, Coursework and Community of  financially fit folks 


You have been managing your money yourself but still unsure if all bases are covered. If you just want a second opinion on your portfolio or would want an opinion before you take an important major financial decisions in life.



M&A Professional from the Middle East

I was tired of dealing with incompetent brokers till I came across Fiscal Fitness. Working with you I am able to address a few gaps in my portfolio and bring in a much more disciplined approach to investing. I could do a few things myself but I need more strategic advice so that I don’t put all eggs in 1 basket

Small Business Owner from New Delhi

Has been an absolute pleasure working with you over the last year and can see such a remarkable change in my attitude towards savings and investments.


The changes we made have already started paying dividends and we more confident now

IT Professional from Singapore

Kartik takes 100% interest in all aspects of our financial life and has immense knowledge about personal finance.


In the first 2 meetings itself he has added so much value to our portfolio, despite our having worked with a bank RM for 8 years.

Marketing Professional from Mumbai

Excellent service and willing to spend time to explain every product and why we investing in it. Would now struggle to work with any another professional.


Kartik offers a 100% personalised experience

Freelancer from Chennai

After working with Kartik, me and my family feel very secure. We are now secure about our well being and that our family will be able to meet its dreams.


Kartik has helped us develop a stronger and more positive relation with our wealth and we no longer feel scared

Some FAQs before we begin to work together

I understand that choosing someone to help manage your wealth is a very important decision, and you may have a few more questions.

To get a sense of how I think and how we can work together here are some FAQ's

I think there is a lot more we can discuss on a quick short call and I strongly recommend we have a no-obligation free first call to better understand each other

Who do you work with and is there a minimum amount of capital needed?


I work with anyone who is looking to grow their wealth over the long term and appreciates my investing philosophy. Just as the benefits of compounding take time, my relationship with my clients also take time to be rewarding and I would love to partner with you in your journey towards wealth creation. My best clients value and implement my feedback and advice, they benefit immensely from the ongoing financial and investment-related education I offer. 


How do you charge and get paid?


I work in the best interest of my clients and will only recommend products that are suitable for you and not basis the commissions I can get. I love to keep it simple and avoid conflicts of interest and hence sell products that I would invest in and not incentivised by extra commissions. The costs would be between 0.8% to 1.25% of the money invested basis the choice of investments needed to achieve your goals. 


How will our relationship work?


At Fiscal Fitness I put you at the centre of all our discussions. I will start with an introductory meeting to better understand what is it you are trying to achieve with your money. I then design an investment framework that works best to help achieve those goals. Finally, I implement it using simple investment products such as mutual funds and protection products like Term and Medical insurance. We then regularly review the progress made and make necessary changes. All through the engagement, I am available for phone calls or meetings and you will deal with me only from the first meeting to the last meeting. 


What services do you offer?


I will work with you to actively manage your investments to reach your life goals. I provide unbiased views on how realistic your plans and goals are and help achieve major life goals such as retirement, children's goals, cash flow planning etc. As part of Fiscal Fitness, I also conduct money management workshops that help larger groups understand their personal finances better.

What's your investment philosophy?


I firmly believe one needs simple products with adequate risk management to ensure long term success. My investment philosophy is based on having the right asset allocation basis your personal goals. No two of us are the same and hence every person needs to approach investing that is 100% personalised to them. I love to keep it simple when it comes to investing. Doing this ensures we get the best outcome with as little risk, all tailored for your risk tolerance, time horizon, and life goals.


How are you different from other financial advisors or firms? 


I offer a 100% individualized investing approach to every individual using simple proven products. Fiscal Fitness aims to improve your financial health and net worth and not just mine by selling products like a typical Bank RM or Wealth management firm. You get a 100% committed personal finance coach who follows up to get you financially healthy!


How safe is it dealing with FiscalFitness?


I am an AMFI registered intermediary and no funds or securities flow through me or my bank accounts. Your money is invested straight with the Mutual fund company and similarly, at the time of redemption, all money flows into your bank account. I will help you set up your investments and insurances and at any time you can view and transact independently.

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